Celebrating Sustainability Leaders on World Water Day

Author: Christa Brown - Marketing Manager

At the end of 2017, we asked our customers to submit projects that they implemented to save water & energy in their facilities.  We were so impressed with the responses we received!  Today, on World Water Day, we celebrate our clients for being sustainability leaders.  When we save water, we save energy too.

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Water is an excellent heat transfer medium.  Therefore, industrial uses of water to heat and cool things accounts for a large portion of our fresh water used each day, making it critical that facilities strive to reduce resource waste in their operations.  The Eldon Water Sustainability Leadership Award recognizes organizations that have shown initiative to realize cost savings for their facility, and water & energy savings for our planet.

Sustainability Leadership Award winner

St. Mary Mercy Livonia Hospital

Annual Water Savings

The team at St. Mary Mercy Livonia Hospital, worked with Eldon Water to implement a continuous improvement project to greatly reduce their cooling tower water consumption, resulting in savings of over 1.0 Million Gallons of water per year.


By implementing a pre-treatment system and carefully designed soft water program, cooling tower cycles of concentration were increased from 4 to 7.5.  Decreasing the amount of cooling tower water bleed from the system from 1 gallon per 4 gallons of makeup to 1 gallon per 7.5 gallons of makeup.

In addition to reducing the water consumption at this facility, and lowering operating costs, this project also plays a key role in protecting mission critical equipment.


To read more about how the team at St. Mary Mercy Livonia Hospital achieved these savings, download the full case study.

Sustainability Leadership Runner Up

Ford Field

Annual Water Savings

The team at Ford Field invested in a dedicated softener system to implement a carefully designed split steam softening program to increase the cycles of concentration of their evaporative cooling system. 


Cycles of Concentration is the ratio of the concentration of dissolved solids in the recirculating water compared to the make-up water.  The higher the cycles of concentration, the less water that must be sent to drain in the form of bleed for each gallon of make-up.  This project resulted in savings of approximately 380,000 Gallons per year.


On behalf of the entire Eldon Water team, we want to thank our clients for their continued partnership in pursuing the least cost operating solution for their water systems.  Together we are generating water & energy savings for our planet.


If you are interested in being recognized as a sustainability leader, talk to your Eldon Water Representative about how you can submit an application to be considered for next year’s awards!

Christa Brown is a Professional Engineer and has a Chemical Engineering degree from Dalhousie University. She is a Marketing Manager with over 10 years of experience designing and implementing solutions for water systems.  Christa is an avid listener of CBC radio and her favorite shows are ‘Under the Influence’, ‘This is That’, and ‘Quirks & Quarks’.

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Want to share this topic and more with your team?

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