Water Treatment Shouldn’t Be A Black Box

At Eldon Water, we believe that Water Treatment shouldn’t be a black box.

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Element Aluminum
Boiler Water Treatment

Can Aluminum Boilers ‘Play Nice’ With Other Metals?

Aluminum is becoming more common for use in heat transfer applications due to its very high conductance of heat. However, aluminum is highly reactive when compared to other materials such as steel, requiring a specialized treatment program to minimize corrosion of aluminum while maintaining protection of other metals.

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Boiler Water Treatment

Choosing the Right Dealkalizer for Your System

A dealkalizer is a pre-treatment device commonly seen in boiler rooms which is responsible for removing carbonate alkalinity in the feed water before it reaches the boiler. In many cases, the water chemistry parameter which hits its limit first is alkalinity.

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Cooling Water Treatment

5 Reasons to Filter Cooling Tower Water

Evaporative cooling systems such as cooling towers are widely used for rejecting heat and maintaining temperatures in a variety of applications by directing high flow rates of air counter-currently to water flow. This, consequently, also makes cooling

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Cooling Water Treatment

Cooling Tower Passivation Explained

New evaporative cooling systems, typically cooling towers, ammonia condensers and fluid coolers are manufactured with several options for materials of construction, each with their own benefits and draw backs. Hot-dipped galvanized steel (steel that

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Feedwater Tank
Boiler Water Treatment

4 Common Issues in Feedwater Tank Design and Operation

Boiler water treatment is critical to ensuring your boiler is operating as efficiently as possible and no proper water treatment program is complete without a thorough understanding of the feedwater setup. A crucial step in preparing the feedwater for the

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4 Things Every Purchaser Should Know About Water Treatment

Water Treatment can be a tricky category to purchase. I’ve spent much of my career trying to explain the nuances. There are many different offerings in the marketplace, and on the surface, the costs can appear to span a very large range. So let’s get started

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Steam Humidification
Boiler Water Treatment

Steam Humidification: Choose Your Own Adventure

The relative humidity level in our built environments is critical to prevent occupant discomfort and/or damage to building materials. Choose to read the quick high level summary, or test your knowledge by following this interactive blog that delves deeper

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Waterside Inspections Sludge Example
Boiler Water Treatment

A Guide to Waterside Inspections

Performing regular waterside inspections of your critical system equipment is an important part of a successful preventative maintenance program. As we enter the holiday season, many systems may be temporarily shut down, providing a perfect

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Water Softener Salt

Is My Softener Wasting Salt?

Water softeners are commonplace in industrial and institutional settings. These units utilize salt to ideally eliminate the hardness of the incoming water. Since salt usage is essential for softener function and has associated environmental and financial costs,

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Water Meter
Water Management

The Rising Costs of Water

The value of water is often overlooked and taken for granted due to its abundance. Although water makes up 70% of our planet, only 2.5% of this is fresh water, and of this scarce supply, less than 1% is freely available in non-glacial forms.

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Cooling Water Treatment

Successful Cooling Tower Start-Ups in 5 Simple Steps

Many HVAC evaporative cooling systems are idle or off throughout the winter months, and are often drained to prevent freezing. These extended shutdowns provide excellent conditions for deposits to form and bacteria to grow. When starting up the

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Boiler Room
Boiler Water Treatment

5 Steps to Increase Steam Boiler Efficiency

Close to 40% of all fossil fuel burned by industry is consumed in steam production. Simple steps can have a large operational impact on the cost of fuel, water, treatment, and labor. The chart shows a typical breakdown of these costs where

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