3 Steps That Can Lead to Your Dream Job

Author: Kayla Brar - Corporate Recruiter

Do you find the thought of job-hunting to be daunting? Perhaps a bit unsure of where to begin? Whether you are looking for a change in roles or searching to begin your career out of post-secondary school, below are three steps to consider in landing your dream job.

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1. Interview Yourself

Set realistic objectives that are important to you. What are you specifically looking for in an employer? Is it the opportunity to grow within the organization, the chance to travel, working on challenging projects, being a part of a dynamic culture, or possibly all of the above? Once you have this established, focus on searching for companies that offer what you are looking for.

2. Research Organizations You Wish to Work For

If your approach to landing an interview is to send the same generic resume to each employer, you could be using your time more efficiently. Conduct research on the top organizations you wish to work for and determine if they offer what you have listed in step one as important elements in your future job. Your ideal position may not be your first, but if you know which company you want to work with, you are one step closer to landing your ideal role.

By targeting organizations you aim to work for, you can spend more time focusing on the individual job applications and customize them specifically for the intended roles. This will improve your chances of hearing back from the organizations and obtaining an interview. Today’s job market is extremely competitive, take a look at these tips to writing a resume to help you with this process.

If you are unsure about which company is ideal for you, visit a career fair. Scope out the employers attending ahead of time and visit the career section of their website to get some insight about what it is like working at the organization. During the career fair, speak with representatives about their experiences within the company (you will often learn more information that cannot be found online).

Tip: Follow companies on their social media sites (LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, etc.). This will give you a good indication of what their organization is like and they may share potential job opportunities.

3. Interview the Company

When you have the opportunity to interview with a potential employer, be prepared with a few questions.  An interview is not only for the candidate to be asked questions, it is also an opportunity for the candidate to question the hiring team if this is the right job for them. Be sure to ask appropriate questions, such as questions about career development opportunities or the company culture. Do not discuss compensation at the first meeting; this can wait until further into the recruitment process.

Asking the right questions will not only determine your potential success within the organization, but it sends a positive impression to the company regarding your genuine interest in the position.

Organizations are very selective in finding the right person to join their team and you should be too. Completing the steps above may assist you in landing a job you find both successful and fulfilling.

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Kayla Brar has a degree in Human Resource Management from York University. Kayla works as a Corporate Recruiter whose primary responsibilities include recruiting and onboarding top talent. Kayla is a coffee lover who can’t often be found without a delicious cup in hand.

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