Our people are our greatest asset.

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We have created a unique environment that is entrepreneurial,
dynamic, supportive, and goal-driven.

We invest in training and development to motivate our people to
strive for excellence and continuous career development.

Our people are our greatest asset.


At the heart of our brand, our people strive to be great at their role

Our people are our greatest asset.


The belief in our ability to achieve our goals with an entrepreneurial spirit

Our people are our greatest asset.


The wisdom and willingness to do what is right, overcoming short term alternatives

Our people are our greatest asset.


We are better as a team than as individuals in all of our work,
harnessing innovation to build a great company

“I worked in many different companies in the past, and this is a really different kind of company. In terms of career growth, I think they’re in line with what I’ve always wanted to do – grow with a company that’s growing.”

— Employee for 3 years

“The reason I joined Eldon Water is I really believed in the vision of the company, the owner and management and I realized that it was really entrepreneurial and had a self-managed environment. You can take on projects and excel, and become a vital contributor to the company from day one.”

— Employee for 8 years

“The most attractive thing about this company is the broad spectrum of functions within your area of responsibility. Energy management, basic chemistry, mass balance, customer relations and unique problem solving – certainly not monotonous day in and day out. Although this may not be for everybody, it is certainly ideal for me.”

— Employee for 14 years

“We are constantly growing, which creates many opportunities. I have had the opportunity to work in three of our locations and have seen many new people come on board and succeed.”

— Employee for 28.5 years

Total Compensation

Our salaries match industry and market standards, our benefit plan is one of the best available with access to the largest health network, and most Eldon Water employees are eligible for either commissions or bonus payouts.

Social Events

As a youthful and energetic company, we host monthly team-building events to recognize and celebrate our hard work.

Your Voice

Everyone’s voice is important at Eldon Water. Employees see their ideas lead to long-term, employee-driven solutions through our collaborative change and innovation processes.

Health & Wellness

We provide fresh snacks delivered weekly, a monthly health newsletter, guest nutrition speakers and activity challenges to help motivate our employees to live healthy and active lifestyles.


Sales & Service

Sales & Service is the largest department at Eldon Water. Dedicated and passionate water treatment experts, our team is focused on lowering our customers’ operating costs and consistently exceeding their expectations.


Our company is focused and driven by our Key Performance Indicators. At the core of this effort is our Finance team. They are committed to providing accurate, timely and complete information to support all departments.

Business Improvement

The Business Improvement team, a niche department, is unique in our industry. This team is dedicated to innovating and improving all aspects of our business, pushing Eldon Water to consistently be an industry leader.

Human Resources

People are the key to our growth and success. The HR team finds the best and the brightest with a passion for what we do. They foster a work environment that inspires excellence and pushes everyone to reach new personal and professional goals.


Our team of Customer Relations Specialists, Logistics Professionals, Production Specialists and Quality Representatives create and implement processes to ensure that we are the best at what we do.


Let’s meet face-to-face.

Check in to see when we’ll be visiting your campus or University career fair. You’ll get the chance to talk to one of our recruiters and experienced employees about Eldon Water and which opportunities are best suited to you.


Ohio State University

Columbus, OH

Let’s meet face-to-face.

Check in to see when we’ll be visiting your campus or University career fair. You’ll get the chance to talk to one of our recruiters and experienced employees about Eldon Water and which opportunities are best suited to you.

Building Your Career Through Mentorship

Whether you are studying in school, starting your career, or open to new opportunities, mentoring at all stages can have a large impact on helping to build and develop your career.

As an organization, building mentorship programs can help to develop a future talent pipeline, engage employees, support shared learning and drive business results (Mentoring: At the crossroads of education, business and community, 2015). Below I will review what mentoring is by definition, the top reasons to have a mentor and places/strategies you can use to find a mentor.

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